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Smart Start

Location: In-House

Duration: Two Days

Audience: Inexperienced employees who need to demonstrate business maturity

We’ve distilled the lessons we learned in the first few years of working life into one perfect course for new starters and apprentices.

On SmartStart your newbies will receive a strong foundation in career skills, including effective communication, how to receive feedback, and work as part of a team. They’ll also learn the interpersonal skills they’ll need to collaborate, build rapport, show confidence and behave professionally.

Smart Start is a highly experiential, two-day, skills practice workshop designed to give inexperienced employees the core skills required to demonstrate confidence and business maturity.

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Smart Start Covers

  • Decide what constitutes personal brand and then demonstrate it with consistency and confidence
  • Analyse and learn to flex communication styles to match those with a different style
  • Discover the latest techniques in rapport building to continually strengthen relationships with those around you
  • Apply engaged questioning & deep listening skills to ensure that you always show that you are actively listening
  • Uncover a simple but effective model for managing the expectations of those who are giving you work
  • Practice and refine how you come across in meetings so that you stand out for the right reasons
  • Learn how to ask for feedback in a way that ensures that you continually develop and grow professionally every day
  • Understand the three elements of professional career success and learn how you can maximise your performance
  • Decide what constitutes your personal brand and then demonstrate it with consistency and confidence
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