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Sales Training Course

Location: In-House

Duration: Three Days

Audience: Ideal for your entire sales team to ensure consistency of results for your company

Start selling the socially intelligent way

Sales techniques have moved on – thank goodness. The age of socially intelligent selling is finally here!

Only this course teaches you how to explore your customers’ needs using the latest discovery tools.

Your sales team will learn how to quickly build deep, strong connections, and master clever communication techniques.

The Socially Intelligent Selling Programme

We teach you the skills to create more sales opportunities and the confidence to build close client relationships. Along the way, you’ll discover how to flex your own selling style, to achieve success.

This training programme gives you the opportunity to learn and practice the key socially intelligent sales skills you’ll use every day. You’ll discover effective cross and up-selling techniques, as well as powerful ways to uncover real value for your clients.

You’ll learn advanced influence and persuasion skills to ensure success in every sales conversation.

Packed with proven, powerful techniques used by the some of the most successful sales teams at IBM, Apple and Google, this workshop will change the game for you and drive greater success in a competitive market.

This is your invitation to become a socially intelligent sales professional.

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Socially Intelligent Selling Covers

  • Discover your own natural selling preference and learn which aspects you need to develop
  • Understand and use the latest practices in rapport building to continually strengthen relationships with your clients.
  • Practise the ways to gain more insight from your customers, whilst increasing trust, and working with their agenda.
  • Understand the varying levels of listening and practise how to truly engaging and connect with your customer.
  • Discover how to establish your credibility and authority in each client interaction whilst remaining empathetic, charismatic, calm, and focussed
  • Learn a powerful formula for saying “no” in a way that safeguards the relationship.
  • Discover a simple framework for brief improvement feedback chats with members of your sales team.
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