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New Consultant Development Programme

Location: In-House

Duration: Seven Days

Audience: New client-facing consultants

The perfect starting point for those new to consulting is Core Consulting.

This course teaches new consultants the behaviours required to be an outstanding consultant.
This includes understanding the role of the consultant, how to manage client expectations and how to think & act with a commercial mindset.

Your consultants will walk away knowing exactly how to convey ideas and propose solutions.

Each of the skills taught on this programme are embedded in a realistic in-depth client case study, specific to your organisation and designed to develop beginner consulting skills.

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Core Consulting Skills Covers

  • Discover how to map the health & quality of your relationships with your stakeholders and learn how to build rapport
  • Learn a powerful tool to share and receive personal feedback in order to continually improve
  • Apply engaged questioning and listening skills to further uncover your clients’ needs
  • Learn everything that you will need to lead effective client interviews
  • Understand the best practices to adopt when hosting meetings
  • Learn how to run effective workshops that produce tangible results that drive the project forward
  • Analyse the three factors that make up your professional success
  • Develop your understanding of what is needed for you to increase your trustworthiness with your clients
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