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The Graduate Training Programme

Location: In-House

Duration: Four Days

Audience: Graduates moving into business roles

This communication skills programme is designed for graduates who need to develop their business maturity and stand out as professionals in your company.

Each module is packed with communication and leadership tools & techniques that are essential for thriving in a fast moving, high pressure organisation.

Your newly employed graduate will learn how to build rapport, forge strong business relationships, demonstrate the behaviours associated with trust, and learn how to stand out from the crowd in what they say and how they act.

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The Graduate Programme Covers

  • Build rapport & use techniques to be relatable with senior stakeholders
  • Understand the three elements of professional career success
  • Use engaged listening skills to pull information in order to be clear on the facts
  • Develop a strategy for delivering on your personal brand when communicating
  • Delegate work across the team without coming across as arrogant or bossy
  • Learn an effective formula for managing expectations in a way that doesn’t damage relationships
  • Learn techniques to be influential in order to gain support, buy-in and agreement to ideas
  • Learn a structure to share your successes so that your others can benefit from your achievements
  • Deliver presentations with agility, handle nerves and convey confidence when answering tough questions
  • Learn how to highlight the credibility and value that you expect to bring to any piece of work
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