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Emotional Intelligence Training

Location: In-House

Duration: Two Days

Audience: Anyone working in a high pressurised working environment where emotions often run high

Keeping Cool Under Fire is ideal for anyone who has to deliver difficult messages, face challenging situations or deal with difficult people – both internal or external.

Being able to control ours and others emotions is what sets us apart in the professional workplace. In fact, because keeping cool is so difficult in stressful situations, emotional intelligence is the #1 leadership skill that we’re asked to teach.

Your people will walk away from this workshop having learned and practised the emotional intelligence skills they’ll use when they need to keep cool when under pressure.

Staying assertive, using emotional intelligence and expressing personal power is just the starting point on this course.

Participants will also learn how to handle disagreement, manage expectations and calm down an overly emotional stakeholder.

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Keeping Cool Under Fire Covers

  • Assertively convey difficult messages in a way that maintains trust
  • Learn and practice using a powerful formula for saying “no”
  • Explore strategies for handling conflict and disagreement
  • Deepen your ability to empathise and quickly defuse an angry or irate colleague or customer
  • Become an EQ champ in our ultimate emotional intelligence challenge!
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