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Senior Leadership Training Course

Location: In-House

Duration: 12 Days

Audience: Experienced managers moving to a more senior role

How do you move from being a hands-on, transactional manager to becoming an inspiring leader who transforms people, teams and whole companies?

It takes influence, emotional intelligence and an ability to think and communicate at an exceptional level.

Our award winning leadership development trainers will unlock your leaders’ skills and provide them with strategies for communicating with their people like never before.

Your leaders will leave this workshop having analysed their own leadership style and learned how to influence and communicate with their teams in ways that motivate and inspire them to achieve your company vision.

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Lead Out Loud Covers

  • Understanding your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Deliver difficult messages with confidence
  • Building Commitment and Capability in Your Teams
  • Leadership Profiling - Understanding The Leader In You
  • Expand the way you think to optimise your performance
  • Build deep trust across your leadership team
  • Understand how company values can drive performance in teams
  • Learn how to communicate your company direction
  • Develop strategic goals for your teams
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