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Published on February 2nd, 2018 by Jamie Summers

I want your customers to come back to you again and again because they trust the company, and because they like you. And for them to like you, you need to establish rapport with them. Which brings me to the relationship rope.

Imagine that the first interaction you have with your customer becomes the first strand of your relationship rope with them. It wouldn’t take much to go wrong for that thread to snap.

A socially intelligent seller consciously builds deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers. In other words, they continually add strands, so that thread becomes a string and then eventually a rope.

The thicker the rope, the more likely it is that your customer will forgive you when things go wrong and the more likely they are to come back next time they want to buy.

If you’ve built no rapport with them during your interaction and things go wrong, you run the risk of them ending the call and going somewhere else, or at least they could become annoyed, less receptive to you and your company, and think twice before contacting you again.

But if the customer feels you’ve had a meaningful conversation with them, you would’ve gradually created a string or even a rope strong enough to keep them connected to you.


So, when a customer experiences a bump or two during their journey, they’re still disappointed. But if they have more rapport with you, they’re more likely to be forgiving.


In my new book, Socially Intelligent Selling, which is based on our Leading Sales Training Programme, I explore, in-depth, the various methods to help strengthen your relationship rope to build better, more enduring relationships with your customers.

Socially Intelligent Selling Paperback Book

It requires great skill to generate this type of enthusiasm with a brand or idea, and Jamie makes it look easy and flawless. He also keenly understands how businesses function, and that a key driver to success is to have motivated and inspired employees. He makes this happen through a detailed analysis of a company's goals and objectives, and brings them to life through creating a clear sense of purpose.

He's been a joy to work with on various projects and I believe he benefits any organisation or business that can see him in action.

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