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Why I quit my job to work for The Skills Farm

Published on March 15th, 2017 by Adrienne Saunders

About two years ago, over a four month period, Jamie and Scott came from The Skills Farm to deliver sales and management workshops for my prior employer.

I was working in sales at that time and enjoying my job.

I was respected, had lovely colleagues and an opportunity to progress with my career.

With over fifteen years of experience in team management, sales and customer service, I thought I knew what I enjoyed in my professional life.

Over the past dozen years I have spent countless hours a week developing my career, learning how to be a good manager and a leader. I led big teams, managed multi-million euro budgets, hired team members and helped many people grow professionally.

With each position I developed because I never stopped learning from my own and others’ experiences and I always wanted to help people achieve their highest potential in their professional life.

And I was good at my job. However after a few years in one position I usually started to feel dissatisfied: ‘Right, I have done my job here. What is next? How can I reach more people now?’

On the evening Jamie and Scott finished their excellent workshop and I watched them walk out the door, a pang of envy came over me. I envied them because I knew that the week after they’ll be teaching and reaching new people.

My experience with The Skills Farm had awakened a feeling I wasn’t fully aware of before.

Later that weekend my husband and I went for a long walk along the beach and I started to ask myself some profound questions. Am I happy at work? What kind of work would make me happy?

Do I do something I love every day?

A few weeks later I noticed that The Skills Farm were advertising a vacancy for a new team member. In that moment, something clicked into place, I applied for the job and I’m delighted to say that I was successful.

Whilst I wasn’t unhappy where I was, I wasn’t doing what I loved the most – giving others the opportunity to grow.

I had mixed emotions about leaving my job because I cared about many of the people there and really did enjoy much of the job itself.

So, quite simply I did not quit a job, I quit a feeling.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your great teaching on the course Presenting with Confidence that you ran at St George's Hospital. I have found it so helpful when I have presented. It is the best course I have ever been on. Thanks again and I hope it's all going well and other people are able to benefit from your course.

Alice PFY2 DoctorNHS