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New employee Leadership Support

Published on June 13th, 2017 by Scott Summers

When a new starter joins your organisation, you may think the onus falls upon them to make a good impression. To be able to demonstrate quickly that they possess the skills, competencies, and personality to fit into the team. To prove that they were the right selection from the interview process, and able to live up to their potential.

And while there’s an element of truth in this, it’s also true that a significant responsibility falls upon the leader to make a good impression. To offer support and guidance, bringing the newbie up-to-speed and fully integrated into the company.

Not just because you want to come across as a nice person, but because to do so also has an intrinsic value to the business. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it represents good leadership to provide comprehensive support to new starters.

Staff Retention

New starters do not always stick it out at a new company. A study by The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) finding that more than a third of new recruits leave within a year.

Recruitment is an expensive process and high rates of turnover can be costly and disruptive. However, with the right leadership support in place, many of these early leavers may have been prevented.

If you’re a new starter to a business and find, in those early days and weeks, that you’re somewhat left to your own devices, having to work out the lie of the land for yourself, unclear about the work responsibilities you may have, then you’re unlikely to feel a valued member of the team. A feeling that can fester as time goes on; undermining your sense of worth, and creating doubt about the choice you made to join the company.

On the other hand, if your manager has put a support plan in place, from induction training, to meeting your teammates, ensuring that your desk and equipment is ready to go, and being available to respond to your queries, can make a huge difference. Reinforcing the faith in your skills from the interview process, and demonstrating that your leader values your presence and the contributions you can make to the business.

Getting up to speed

The new starter got the job because they were deemed the most talented, and suitable, candidate for the role. It makes sense, therefore, that you provide them with the platform to deliver on this potential as quickly as possible, once on-board.

By providing the support they need from day one, or even before day one, you can remove some of the administrative and practical barriers that might prevent the newbie cracking on with their job. This might be ensuring they have adequate access to necessary data or software, having equipment or the workstation ready and set up. Taking away unnecessary hassles can be an important aspect of good leadership in the early days, allowing your new guy to hit the ground running.


It’s common sense for a good leader to lend support to a new starter to the company. After all, you wanted them for their talent, so it stands to reason you’ll want them to be settled and productive as fast as possible.

Lending support to a new starter creates the right impression, generates a sense that this is an environment that values its staff. By removing barriers, helping the starter through the induction process as seamlessly as possible, you’re also ensuring they feel and integral part of the team, buy-in to the culture, and are ready to add their contribution to the cause as soon as possible.

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