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The development of your people can be your biggest competitive advantage.
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Our training curriculum is divided up into essential skill areas. We deliver training courses that focus on learning skills which can be easily and immediately implemented. Not every business is the same, so all of our training courses can be tailored to meet your needs.

Leadership Training

Your senior leadership team will be cohesive and fully optimised with this six-month leadership development programme.

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Your experienced managers will become effective leaders with this two day leadership workshop.

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Your new managers will build the skills and confidence to lead high performing teams with this two day workshop.

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Your managers will be able to easily lead millennials and cross-generational teams with this two day workshop.

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Sales and Consulting

Your senior, client facing consultants will learn trusted business advisor skills with this two day workshop.

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Your new consultants will build the skills they’ll need to offer excellent client value with this two day workshop.

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Your sales teams will learn revolutionary sales skills based on the ground-breaking #1 Amazon best-seller.

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Presentation Skills

Give your experienced sales presenters the competitive edge with this two day workshop.

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Your new and experienced presenters will achieve support and buy-in from every audience with this two day workshop.

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Business Skills

Client facing teams will learn the assertive behaviours they’ll need to face a range of challenging situations with this two day workshop.

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Your graduates will become business-ready by learning the skills to solve real business problems in this four-day training programme.

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Kick-off the career of your new-starters with this two-day communication and relationship building skills workshop.

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Socially Intelligent Selling

Jamie's Amazon #1 Best Selling Book.

Gone are the days where you train your sales staff to close a sale. Consumers are now more likely to buy based on how you have made them feel, rather than how much you know about your product. This simple but genius book teaches you how to win more by closing less.

  • Boost your sales without increasing your marketing spend.
  • Convert more prospects into customers.
  • Sell more to your existing customers.
  • Anticipate exactly what your customers need, want and wish for.
  • Stop trying to close sales and learn the importance of opening a relationship.

The concepts, tools and techniques Jamie shares are so brilliantly simple you’ll be wondering if you’ve missed the complicated bit. But you haven’t. When you read this book, you’ll realise you’ve known the answers all along.

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Meet Jamie and Scott

We have worked for over 15 years in the training teams at IBM, Deloitte, and Apple where we designed and delivered global flagship training programmes.

In 2012 Scott won the UK Learning in Action Award and in 2013 Jamie won the Apple Spirit of Business Award. Jamie is also the author of the Amazon number one best selling book, Socially Intelligent Selling.

We are known for our innovative, high impact leadership development programmes, consulting skills programmes, presentation skills courses and sales skills programmes.

Master Trainers: Jamie and Scott Summers